How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over and Play Dead

Who doesn’t want to teach their furry companions cool tricks? Read the post and find out how to teach your dog to roll over and play “dead.”

Some words before we get going

“Playing dead” is not an essential command that all dogs should learn like “sit” and “stay.” It’s more like a fun game, which is excellent for a relaxing time and helps enhance you and your dog’s precious bond. Also, teaching the trick is not challenging at all. With some patience and lots of love, you can train your furry friend to roll over and play dead effortlessly.

Things you need to teach your dog the trick

  • A handful of your dog’s favorite treats
  • A clicker (optional)
  • Patience and Passion (obligatory).

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over and Play Dead – Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Get started with the ‘Down’ Position

To teach your dog to play ‘dead,’ you must train him to lie down first. If your dog cannot respond to your’ lie down’ command appropriately, it cannot do more complicated tricks.

Step 2: Use a treat to promote the new behavior

When your dog has lied down, hold a treat close to his nose. You should lean down as low as possible so that he won’t stand up for the present. Slowly pull the piece of treat over to his side. Your doggo will have to roll over on the side. By doing that, you can help your dog get familiar to rolling over.

If your dog’s successful in rolling to the side you want, say “good boy” or “good girl” to encourage our cute friend. In case you use a clicker to train your dog, click it. Then, give him the treat. Repeat the actions several times. It will stretch a new concept inside his mind.

Step 3: Choose a signal to begin the trick

After a few times letting your dog get acquainted with the new action, add a hand signal or a verbal cue to complete the trick. Then, as long as the doggo hears the cue word, he will roll over and play ‘dead’ dramatically. Most people choose “bang” along with a handgun signal pointing at the hound. Other use “dead” as an alternative.

If you happen to own a super smart dog, you could upgrade the game for both the dog and its audience. Use a long phrase instead of a word, like “Be a cat or be dead.” Your guests will indeed burst into laughter at the sight of the dog rolling ‘dead’ to avoid the fate of becoming the meowing creatures. Of course, you have to spend more time and effort on the trick. Too long phrases may confuse dummy puppies, making them defiant.

With the decided verbal cue and signal, make your dog perform the trick over and over or a few minutes. You should also make him practice the newly learned game several times per day. After a short time, you will find your doggo rapidly respond to the command.

Could there be any other problems?

For a specific dog, different behavior could appear. However, “playing dead” is a simple trick, mostly fool-proof, so your dog will eventually learn it. Nevertheless, it’s your job to acknowledge and help your furry companion over the difficulty.

If you use a clicker to train your dog, when it rolls to the side to follow the treat, click the toll right away. Then, give the dog the treat. Some dogs will keep rolling after that. In this case, you have to stay firm and step away. He will realize that there is no treat if he spins 360 degrees and stops doing that. Remember to give treats only when your hound performs the right move.

When you notice your dog makes mistakes twice, or three times in a row, perhaps your lesson’s pace is too fast. You have to slow down, go back to the previous step to practice. When your dog has completely mastered the stage, you can move on to another. Don’t rush your dog. Pressure will make them stress and forget what they have learned.

Several dummies could even stop following the treat when you pull it to the side. At that time, you have to show him what you expect him to do. And no, we don’t say you have to lie down a roll as an example. All you have to do us gently push the dog to the side, along with moving the treat. As soon as he performs correctly, click your clicker or say “good boy,” “good girl.” Give your hound the treat as a gift for the new advancement.

Moreover, especially in the cases of hyperactive dogs, they can jump up right after rolling over. It, of course, ruins the target of ‘playing dead. To make your dog lie there longer, you should postpone giving the treat. After making the puppy roll to the side, don’t give him the present. Let him lie there and wait for some seconds, then treat him. Repeat the action several times.

To further lengthen the ‘dead’ period, you have to spend more time. After stretching the “lying,” let the dog the familiar enough before adding several more seconds. Then, repeat the training to increase the time gradually. If you make him wait for so long at the first change, he could stand up, and you have to start the training from scratch again.

The Last Thought

That’s all about how to teach your dog to roll over and play dead. Remember that you have to treat your furry friend with patience, consistency, and of course, love. Trying to pressure your pet will lead to nothing but failure. If it’s not a basic command like “sit down” and “stay still,” you should take it easy on them. To make sure you get improvement after every training session, end it with laughter and encouragement. After all, we can never give our loyal, precious friends enough pampering.