10 Games to Play with Your Dog at the Park

Looking for a game to entertain your dog at the park? Choose some from the 10 games below to exercise your dog and keep them out of trouble.

We are all aware that there are plenty of games you could play with your dog outside. However, when you need to use one, your brain decides to forget all the ideas and leave you at a loss. Don’t worry; we have your back. Here is the list of 10 exciting games you could use to entertain with your precious furry friend at a park.

10 games to play with your dog at the park

Let dogs play with food dispensing toys

By giving your dog a treat stuffed Kong or any other kind of food dispensing toy, you could enjoy a day out at the park without exerting over physical activities. The playthings not only give him a way to spend time but also hone his scavenging ability.

If you decide to use a Kong but don’t know how, you could try to stuff it with your dog’s favourite treat and broth. Then, freeze the toy with food inside overnight. The 2-in-1 helping hand will keep your dog busy for quite a long time while you sunbathe or read a book.

Tug of War

Tug of war is an engaging game that could work as an excellent physical exercise and a great way to enhance the bond between doggo and the owner. Besides, you could teach your dog manners using a simple game. However, it does require your physical strength since dogs could be relatively strong. That says, don’t try the game with a Great Dane or Scottish Deerhound unless you is a huge bodybuilder.

The game’s principle is quite simple. You are your dog will take part in a physical competition by tugging both ends of a rope at the same time. Don’t forget to wear a durable pair of gloves, or you will receive some blisters on your hands.

The only rule is that your dog cannot touch your skin with his teeth. Whenever he tries to mouth you, by accident or not, release the rope and walk away. This way, he will learn that nipping means no fun. Sometimes, you should let your dog win to raise his interest in the game.

Tossing Frisbee

Frisbee is an advanced version of fetch because your dog will need to run a longer distance. It’s a great exercise which could awake your dog’s hunting instinct. It keeps the furry friend out of stress and physical disorders as well.

Start the game using a soft disc, not the traditional Frisbee discs because they are too hard. If you unintentionally hit his face with the hard plastic thing, your dog will get discouraged, and the game is no longer fun. Let him practice by tossing the soft disc in a short distance. If the hound hesitates, roll the disc on the ground, so it doesn’t look intimidating.

After the dog’s familiar with the concept of tossing and chasing, you should lengthen the distance to upgrade the game.

Chasing the flirt pole

A flirt pole (or flirt stick), just like its name, is a long pole with a rope attached to one end to play with your dog’s attention. You tie a toy or a treat to the end of the said rope to intrigue your dog to chase. It’s an excellent exercise for your dog while you don’t have to shed even a little sweat. Quickly, your hound will run out of energy to cause troubles and happily lie down to chill with you.

Dogs, before becoming human’s close friends, were predators in the wild. Deep inside them, there’s still hunting instinct. Letting your dog chase the flirt pole is a way to awake his innate drive, stimulate his mind and train his muscles.

When enjoying watching your dog running around, give him chances to ‘win’ the game. Letting him grab the lure on the rope and give him treats as a compliment. If the dog runs for a long time without winning once, he will become discouraged and give up. Get started with a slow pace, and gradually increase the game’s speed for the sake of the furry friend’s joints.


If you don’t find the games above interesting, you could try creating a unique agility course to train your dogs. It’s a chance to teach your furry friend some new tricks and have fun.

Agility courses can boost your dog’s mental and physical health. To do the tasks, dogs need to focus while utilizing their muscles sharply. Therefore, a simple course could be more tiring than a multiple-mile walk. You could buy the obstacles to build the training from any pet store or Amazon. A proper course, for example, could have a hula hoop, some mini cones, and some blankets.

Water Games

If the park has a shallow pond and your dog’s a great swimmer, you could create some water games with your dogs. Make sure the water is not too deep by asking the park manager. One of the most common water game for dogs is fetching. However, you must choose floating toys if you don’t want to lose them.

If your dog cannot swim, he could still enjoy water activities in a kiddie pool. Just let him splashing around and upgrade the game by tossing in some toys. Especially in summer, long-haired dogs will appreciate the game as they love bathing. You could try “attack” your puppy with a hose. Just remember to keep it gentle first so it won’t intimidate the hound.

Find the Treats

Mark our words, your dog will never get tired of the game. It’s simple, doesn’t require much of your energy. Your hound is willing to run for hours, primarily focus on one goal, and happily, enjoy the rewards.

To set up the game, you need about 20 treats. Command your dog to “stay”, and go hide them around the park. Then, release your puppy and encourage him to find the hidden gifts. Although it’s a nose work game, so could help him sometimes by pointing the directions when he struggles. When the dog finds a treat, reward him with praises.

The game could be played both indoor and outdoor, but we recommend the latter. Dogs are often hyperactive, so it’s not a surprise if they make quite a mess in your clean, tidy rooms.

Digging Box

If your dog’s a big fan of digging, the game is your ideal option. Making a dedicated digging box will encourage him to dig in a specialized area. That way, he won’t ruin your garden. You could create a digging box with wood and sand. Don’t use carton, since it cannot last for a long time.

Some dogs cannot get the concept of the game at first. It’s normal. Just bury some of your dog’s favourite toys into the box. His nose will lead him there, and while looking for the toy, he will know the fun of digging. However, if your neighbourhood has plenty of cats, you could consider making a lid for the box and close it after the dog stops playing. Otherwise, the digging box could turn into a little tray for the meowing creatures.

Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is excellent for stimulating your dog’s scent tracking ability. You could play with the furry friend, or let your kids do the task. Kids and dogs will never get tired of the game. However, before getting started, make sure your dog’s good any following “stay” and “go” commands.

If your dog’s successful at finding you, praise him and give him a treat.

Let your dog chase bubbles

It’s an excellent activity for both your dogs and your kids. Mix a little mild liquid dishwashing soap with water, pour it into a small bottle and take it along in your picnic trip to the park. If your dog has not played with bubbles before, blow several and encourage him to chase. You could raise his excitement by catching the bubbles yourself. The game’s rule is simple: catch the glowing, beautiful things before they touch the ground.

After that, you could give the blowing bubbles task to your kids to let them have some fun. At the same time, your dog’s entertained. Remember to wipe your furry companion’s face after the game to prevent eye irritation.

The Final Thought

Now, with the ten exciting games, you could turn every trip to the park into a memorable occasion for your dogs and kids. Even if you can’t remember all of them, you should keep a couple in mind. Most of the time, dogs are happy just by spending time with you, no matter the games you plan to play. However, the truth is a fun game with a dog could be less appealing to others. You should try some to find out which is the favourite, most suitable for your lovely furry companion.