Top 08 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog Inside

Some days, when the weather is terrible, it’s great if you could still entertain your dog inside. This post will show you some fun games as recommendations.

What to do if you don’t do outside?

There are days when you cannot take the dog out for a walk. It could be raining cats and dogs, snowing, storming, or you are just not in the mood to blend in nature. Trust us, we feel you. But you cannot leave your dog alone for such a long time. Our furry companion deserves all our attention, and there are plenty of games for you two to play inside.

Most dogs are good boys and girls. So, even if you ignore them, they won’t bother you much. However, they will find their ways to entertain, and most of the time, it ends up being mischievous behavior. Playing with your dogs is a brilliant way to relax yourself, while stimulating the hound both physically and mentally.

Look at the list of games below; perhaps you will find something helpful for a day inside.

08 Funny Games to Play with Your Dogs Indoor

1. Playing Fetch Inside

Fetch is an excellent game outdoor, but you could do it inside if you have a long hallway. Grab your dog’s favorite toy and let him relax his muscles with some running in short distances. Because it’s inside, you should not choose a tennis ball or any bouncing plaything for this game. A failed swing could end up with a broken vase or window.

2. Teach Your Dog Some Basic Commands.

If your dog’s still on the way of learning how to respond to your commands, a rainy day is the chance to teach him. Even when your dog has mastered those, practice never hurts. To train your dog, you have to follow one rule: be patient and praise the puppy when he makes an improvement. Grab some treats to reward your furry friend when he’s successfully followed a command.

Between the training and practicing, you should give him some playtime. It will maintain his high spirit and encourage him to learn more.

3. Find the Hidden Treats

Searching for the treats is an excellent game, both indoor and outdoor. By joining the game willingly, your dog could train his nose and release the built-up stress. He will never get tired of going around the house to win the game and collect the hidden rewards.

To start the game, tell your dog to stay still. Hold out the bunch of treats, so he knows what to expect. Then, hide them in several places before releasing the puppy. If he struggles, you should help him by pointing out the directions.

4. The Cup (or Container) Game

To set up the game, you need about five cups or boxes. Place them upside-down next to each other. Then, when your dog doesn’t see, hide a treat or his favorite toy under one of those. Next, encourage your furry friend to smell the containers and wait for him to (hopefully) stop at one. Now, you need to congratulate him enthusiastically, give him the treat so he could feel the fun of the Cup game.

In the beginning, if the dog cannot figure out what to do, you could make it easier by letting him see you hide the treat. Then, upgrade the difficulty level by doing it behind your back.

5. Tug of War

The tug is an excellent mental and physical training session for your dog. The goal is to have fun, so you should let him sometimes win to raise his interest. Remember that dogs could be quite strong. If you happen to own a Great Dane, it’s not a wise option unless you are huge, too.

6. Hide and Seek

If you have kids, this game could kill two birds with one stone! On rainy days, Hide and Seek could entertain your kids and dog, make the forget the upsetting mood and keep them away from troubles. Tell the children to hide and have the dog find them. If the hound’s good at responding to sit/stay commands, you can let them play without intervention.

7. Run up the stairs

Making your dog running up the stairs is a brilliant idea to help him burn excess energy. Start the bottom of the stairwell, tell him into a stay position, then throw a toy up to the top. Then, let him dash up to retrieve the toy. Make the game more exciting by adding some happy sounds, like “Reeeadyy… Go!”. When he goes back, use soothing words to slow his pace, since running down fast could jeopardize his joint.

The game’s fun for most dogs, but you should only play it with ones in adulthood (about 1-year-old or older). Puppies’ joints are still developing, so exerting them could cause long-term damages.

8. Teach your dog to put toys away

Cleaning up after a fun time is such a nuisance. However, you could deal with it while entertaining the dog by teaching them to put things into the right places. To get started, scatter the toys in front of the hound, then point at one, tell him to pick it up with his mouth. Then, lead him to the basket to drop it. The dog will find it difficult at first, so you should encourage him by praises. Once he’s successful putting away a toy, reward him with a treat.

After some practices, your dog will be willing to do the tasks without treats. He won’t clean things as fast and efficiently as you do, but he could help. It makes cleaning up less trouble and more a game for your two.

The Last Words

If you have time and conditions to let your dog play outside, you should. However, when you cannot, playing inside’s funny, too. For dogs, they are happy whenever you spend time with them, even without games. Still, you should know some to train them mentally and physically during the fun time. Wish you guys best luck!