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2013 Harvest Match Print

Click here: 2013 Harvest Match Registration Form
NRA Outdoor .22 Caliber 3 Position Match
Competition: Saturday, October 26, 2013, 08:00
Sponsored By: Enfield Outing Club
378 Shaker Hill Rd, Enfield, NH 03748
Contact: Scott Thompson
PO Box 91, Enfield Center, NH 03749
(603) 632-1005
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Rules: NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules dated April 2013 will govern
Use of OBI/ECI is mandatoy
Use of ear protection is mandatory
Use of eye protection is strongly recommended



This is an Outdoor .22 Caliber Rifle Match.
NRA Classification System will be used.
Eligibility: Open to all competitors. Membership in NRA is recommended but not required.
Equipment: Any .22 caliber rim fire rifle conforming to NRA rule 3.2
Any sights -- rule 3.7 (c)
All shots fired on NRA A-23/5 targets.
One spotting target and four targets scored for each position (prone, standing, and
kneeling).Five rounds per bull's eye; twenty scored rounds per position. Total round
count not including, spotters is 60 rounds.
Course of fire is 20 rounds prone position with maximum time of 20 minutes; 20
rounds off-hand standing position with maximum time of 30 minutes; and 20 rounds
kneeling position with maximum time of 30 minutes.
Match Entry:
Entry fee is $10.00 for registrations on or before October 20, 2013.
An additional $5 fee for registrations after October 20, 2013.
Closing date for entry is October 26, 2013 with post registration October 26, 2013
at 11:00.
Relays and Start Match will be fired using alternating relays in the following order:
Prone relay, Off-hand Standing relay, and Kneeling relay, with first relay starting at
This is an outdoor match. Please dress for inclement weather.
Facilities are limited. Some refreshments available for purchase. Coolers allowed.
Proceeds to benefit the Granite State Sharp Shooter Youth Rifle Team.

Registrations accepted by mail, email, or telephone.