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Getting Ready to Break Ground! Print

We are finally at the construction phase for the new privacy fence!  Pictured is some of the site prep work that is currently underway.  Permit has been posted, DigSafe has been contacted, grading continues, more fill arrives on Saturday, poles and crushed stone are already on site with the remainder of the supplies/building materials to be delivered on Monday, and pole setting begins on Tuesday!

As we have an extremely tight deadline for completion, November 1, we are looking for any and all hands on deck.  As there are very serious consequences for the club if this is not completed on time, ANY AND ALL help is appreciated. No previous construction experience is necessary. Please give Peg a call at 603-523-7677 if you are able to pitch in to help get this project completed.    Please check for notifications as to if if or when the range will be closed due to safety precautions.