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Clubhouse Clean Up Print

Mark your calendars... Saturday, March 3rd for a clubhouse clean up!  We'll kick off at 10:00 a.m. and go until ? So come join us for refreshments, get acquainted with other members, and help make the clubhouse a great place to meet and hang out this year.

We'd like start the year off right by giving the clubhouse a general cleaning, kitchen clean-up and maintenance to get it up and running again.  Organization of storage areas, cleaning and repair of furnishings, prep work for painting, etc.  Everyone is invited to come help- the more the merrier! This initial clean-up will focus on interior work and we'll plan a spring clean-up for outdoor projects.

Some of our tables and chairs have seen better days.  We've had a donation of 12 new chairs but could always use a few more and some new tables would be great... ours are in pretty rough shape.  Unfortunately, since we have a wall to build, there isn't any money in the budget to update these at this time.  If anyone has some they would like to donate, it would be appreciated.

If you are able to attend, if you could let us know that would help us greatly in our planning.  We look forward to seeing you there!


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