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Massad Ayoob Group MAG-40 course August 18-21th 2016 Print

The Massad Ayoob Group is offering their Mag-40 course at EOC August 18-21th, 2016. This is an intensive 40 hour course in the "rules of engagement". Massad Ayoob is an internationally known firearms and self-defense instructor. He is the author of numerous books and articles on these subjects for over 40 years. For more information and to register go to

EOC Auction Seats SOLD.

CANCELLED LMS Defense Close Quarters Battle (CQB) course July 27 & 28th, 2013 Print

CANCELLED due to low enrollment! Range available for normal use.

LMS Defense is offering their Close Quarters Battle (CQB) course July 27 & 28th at EOC.

The LMS Defense CQB Shooting Package is a course specifically designed to teach the student square range skills specifically tailored to the close quarters environment. Topics include the definition of CQB, range vs street mindset, weapon and support equipment selection and setup, CQB weapon manipulations, ready positions, emergency transitions and reloads, circumstantial transitions and reloads, detailed carbine offset procedures, rapid single and multiple target engagements, shooting on the move, shooting through barriers, unusual positions, multi-directional threats, close to intermediate target transitions, and close quarters team shooting. This course is designed to fully integrate handgun and carbine platforms into an effective system. This course is designed to be taught in both 1 day and 2 days blocks of instruction. For more info and to register go to

EOC has a class site up for bid $100.00 minimum. Place your bid at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Bids close July 10 at our regular Club meeting. Bids will be posted at this notice within a week of being received.

Winning bid: DB for $180

Old Bids:

WM for $165
DB for $100

2013 Spring Clean-up Day Saturday May 18th Print

The annual spring clean-up day is a good day to show your club pride, meet fellow members and get the club grounds looking good to start the summer. Bring rakes,saws, shovels and a wheelbarrow for grounds maintenance.We have firewood to cut and split as well.

We are in need of people with building skills to construct a woodshed and build shelving in the storage shed. Shelving will allow us to  clean out the target room and move forward in transforming that to a covered shooting position.

Other projects:

Marking the yardage on the range.
Straighten the gate post.
Fix leak around the stove pipe on roof.

If you have an improvement you would like to see happen or would like to help with, contact the President @
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or come to the next regular meeting, May 8th.

Taking aim,
David Stewart
Enfield Outing Club

GSSS Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction Print

The Granite State Sharp Shooters is having a Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction fund-raising event on Saturday, April 6, 2013 5:00PM-7:30PM at the Enfield Community Building. All funds raised will go towards purchasing needed equipment.

CHaD Sandy Hook Promise Print

We would like to see responsible gun owners be a part of this discussion, to ensure that our side is represented. Please dress professionally, maintain composure, and be sure that you are respectful and polite in your communications. We hope to see you there!

CHaD invites you to be a part of a community forum.

Working toward the Sandy Hook Promise Building a Safe and Vibrant Community

Thursday, February 7, 2013
6:30PM - 8:30PM
Auditorium E & F Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Join us for a panel presentation followed by a community discussion of steps we can take to become a stronger and safer community.

CHaD Sandy Hook Promise

2013 Gun Appreciation Day Print

Gun Appreciation Day - January 19, 2013

EOC 2013 Renewal Reminder Print

This is a reminder that Enfield Outing Club 2013 Membership Renewal deadline is fast approaching on February 1. If you haven't sent in your Renewal yet, please drop it in the mail in the next few days. The gate combination will be changing on February 1 and the new # will be mailed next week to those that have renewed. If you have already sent in your Renewal, thank you and please disregard this notice.

A downloadable Renewal Application & Liability Release is attached if you need another copy. All members that intend to remain "in good standing" should complete & return the 2013 Renewal Application (including Life, Honorary or Police Dept. Members for which the Renewal fee is waived).

The EOC Membership roster currently exceeds 200 and is continuing to grow, with 9 new members just this month. Your membership at the EOC is important to us and is necessary In order to continue to provide a safe & inviting place to promote the American Tradition of Sportsmanship.

Please contact me if you have any questions or require additional assistance in this matter.

Rebecca Stewart
Enfield Outing Club

2012 Annual Christmas Party for Kids Report Print

Dec. 7, 2012

Santa arrived with sirens and Flashing lights aboard an Enfield Fire Engine. Children, parents and EOC volunteers were waiting to greet him. Mrs. Claus and the Toy Soldier had arrived earlier with the volunteers to make ready the party.
The very excited children lined up to sit on Santa's lap. Once Santa had found that they were good children, they could pick out one of the gifts that had just arrived from the North Pole.
The gift table was a-buzz with children going to and fro trying to decide which gift to take home. With so many wonderful choices, it was not easy!
As the MVRHS Chorus led by Dave Wilson played and sang Holiday Songs, the guests partook of refreshments and enjoyed a respite from the cold December night.
Many families came that night, some whom we knew and others we met for the first time there, at a happy time, at Christmas time. Volunteers and guests mingled, and talked, and enjoyed the evening. Children played with their new toys. Everyone seemed to have a good time and only one child cried. Oh well.
As the evening came to a close we raffled the Christmas tree (twice) and a gift basket of goodies from Jenny's Kitchen.(member Jenny Swensen) When our guests had gone home we packed up the leftover cookies for the Lions selling trees next door. We packed the remaining gifts for the Fire Dept. toy drive for families in our area that could use the help. We packed up our stuff, swept the floor and headed for home and hearth. However, we did leave our Tree for others to enjoy as they celebrated the Christmas Season, Merry Christmas to all from the Enfield Outing Club!

I would like to first thank the late Lyle Clough for the legacy he has left with the funding provided that enables the EOC to make this possible. Countless children have benefited from his vision and generosity over the many years. I know the EOC is honored to have the privilege to carry out this mission each year. I must note the adult guests and volunteers benefit as well because it truly is a joy to witness the good cheer and happy kids at Christmastime.

I would also like to thank EMS Chief Richard Martin for driving Santa to the party in the Fire Engine.

Thanks to MVRHS Music Director David Wilson and his students for providing great music for the occasion.

Finally I would like to thank the following EOC members who made this possible: Mike Michaels for putting up 42 posters in Canaan and Enfield, Jenny and Bill Swensen for procuring the food, setting up and attending the party; Jim Magnell for helping me buy gifts, setting up and attending; Doru Caraemi for setting up; Arnie Koch, Bob Rowsell, Lois Gardner,for setting up and attending; Daniel Bergamini, Brian Cavanaugh, Zac Dworak, Tim Sample, Julie Adams, Mike Terciera, Dennis Harper, Valerie Martin for attending the party. I would also like to thank Rebecca Stewart aka Mrs. Claus for the poster and attending. Also thanks to "Friends of EOC" Gloria Koch for attending and Aline Coffey for attending and taking pictures.
Last and certainly not least David Coffey aka Santa. Well done, again. Many happy returns. Merry Christmas Everybody!!

David Stewart
Enfield Outing Club


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