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Enfield Outing Club Narrative for 2010 Town Report Print

The Enfield Outing Club (EOC) was incorporated on November 26, 1934 for the purpose of promoting "community rowing, swimming, skiing, and ice boating on Mascoma Lake as a means of social and recreational betterment, physical improvement, and the general prosperity of the town of Enfield." During the 1940's, shooting sports were included to round out our focus.

"From its inception, the club has remained active in community projects and through its efforts done much to improve the town. Many Enfield and area residents were responsible for enlarging the baseball diamond at Huse Park, instrumental in the development of Shakoma Beach, erected the Christmas tree in the center of town and provided gifts for the children and in general fostered an interest in sports for the youth of the town.", so wrote Frederick (Ted) Sanders in 1960.

EOC has always been an integral part of Enfield whether meeting at the Dartmouth boathouse, Legion Hall, Whitney Hall or since moving to its current home on Shaker Hill Rd. in 1955. "Old Timers" no doubt remember boating, baseball teams, basketball, minstrel shows, beano, dances, game dinners, oyster stew, deer pools and chicken shoots. Today’s adults may reminisce about the fun they had as youths at the Fishing Derby.

EOC is where many area youths earned their Hunter Safety Certification and we continue that tradition to this day. EOC hosts the training activities of our Police Department, hunter and civilian firearms instruction, and archery, as well as independent recreational shooting by our membership. In keeping with our mission of furthering and supporting recreational activities, we encourage our members to introduce others to the Enfield Outing Club and to expand our membership to "citizens of good repute of the United States of America."

The past year 2010 saw membership grow by 10% . Events such as the Appleseed Project, a rifleman clinic hosted by the club four times a year, has attracted new members. Others came through the gates during our annual yard sale, some discovered us on the web with our newly refurbished webite, .

The year also saw some improvements to the range, most notably berm improvement. Thanks to a grant from the NRA Foundation, dedicated members and a donated backhoe from L&M Services Construction we were able to increase the height and width of the berm. This will make for a safer shooting experience.We also made progress with getting water to the clubhouse, installing the water line from our new well to the clubhouse. Thanks again to the NRA Foundation for the well and Martin's Mechanical for the waterline. For the first time we will have running water to our Clubhouse kitchen. Other improvements in the works include a picnic and meeting area, a covered area to shoot from and noise abatement at the roadside as well as improved signage.

The most exciting development this year has to be the initiation of a youth shooting team. Det. Sgt. Ken May proposed the idea to the club and received enthusiastic support from the membership. Currently in the planning stages, we will have youth ages 8 to 18 shooting this summer. The team will shoot .22 cal. and Air Rifles in a 3 position format and will shoot competitively against other teams in the region. This program is a perfect fit in fulfilling our mission to promote the shooting sports.

David L. Stewart

Enfield Outing Club
378 Shaker Hill Rd.
P.O. Box 178
Enfield, NH 03748