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October 2010 Update from the President Print

Sept. 11th was a busy day at the Enfield Outing Club. Several members worked on a variety  of projects. The center piece of the day was the berm work. Made possible by a $1500. grant from the NRA Foundation and the generous loan of a back hoe from L&M Construction, members Mike Hewes and Bob Berube essentially rebuilt our berm.

Also made possible with L&M's equipment and a generous gift of 500ft. of waterline from Martin Machanical was the installation of the waterline from the well to the clubhouse. Mike and Bob were assisted in this project by Dave and Brian with Carl Patten lending his expertise. L&M equipment with Mike at the controls also built the soil up at the front of the property(roadside) on which a stockade fence will be built. A Thanks to the Town of Enfield for the soil to do that as well as add to the sump sand for the berm. The sump sand was purchased with the NRA Grant. Thank you NRA Foundation.

Meanwhile other members which included Tim Sample, Brian, Scott Thompson, Dave Stewart, and Bob Dorman started clearing small trees and debris in the wooded area to the left of the berm. This is preliminary work to an area that is usable for members. A fire pit and tables will allow for meetings, dining, gun cleaning, classes. Member John Colburn worked on the opposite side of the range and began trimming tree branches back. Bill Tanski could not make it Sat. but came more than once to continue clearing in the meeting area. More work remains to be done on that project.

As projects continued outside Mike Michaels was inside the clubhouse painting the trimwork around the windows and doorways. It was an all day job, sealing the knotholes and a full coat of undercoat. Thanks Mike.

The Enfield Outing Club Youth Shooting Team is in the organizational stages at present. Headed up by Ken May and Scott Thompson, this promises to be a great addition to the Club. The team will consist or Air rifle and smallbore for youth between the ages of 8 and 18. This will be a competition team following the National Standard 3 Position Air rifle Rules. Also assisting in this endeavor will be Dillon Mock, Tim Sample, Mike Micheals, Russell Lary, Roy Holland, Sam Provenza, Mike Hewes and Dave Stewart. Already match grade .22's have been donated by a generous Enfield resident and are being refurbished by a qualified gunsmith gratis. Thank you.

Also a donation of 50 cal. ammo boxes from Russell Lary are on sale at Hollow Point Sports for $10. and all proceeds will benefit the team.  Thank you Russell and Hollow Point Sports. A Grant Request from the NRA Foundation has been submitted on behalf of the team to purchase Air rifles, .22's, stands, mats and other equipment. Dave Stewart wrote the grant with some help on the computer from his wife Rebecca and input from Ken May and Mike Micheals. Thanks guys.