2015 Christmas Party for Kids Print

Enfield Outing Club will be holding our 38th Annual "Christmas Party for Kids" on Friday December 4th at 6pm at the Enfield Community Building located at the corner of Rt 4 & Main St., Enfield, NH.

This event is made possible through the generosity of the late Lyle Clough. The EOC receives annual funds from the Clough Trust Fund to help make Christmas a merry one for area children. It's been a great partnership over the years and is a very well attended event attracting over 100 children.

This years party will, as always, feature Santa, a present for each child, refreshments for everybody and live music. We will also continue the free raffle for a Christmas tree. Hopefully it will be won by a family that could use the help. That is the idea behind this event - to reach out to our neighbors, spread some cheer and goodwill especially for the children.That's what Lyle wanted and the EOC has endeavored to do that for many years now.

To all the members: if you want to feel really good this Christmas season, join the fun and take part in this great event. There are several ways to help. We need someone to purchase the refreshments before the party. We need folks to set up in the afternoon. This involves some decorating, setting out the gifts, setting up tables and chairs, the Christmas tree, organizing the food. We will start around 1pm. We need some volunteers for the evening to help with the food, raffle and gift assistance (very fun!) Last year we had about 12 people or more, it would be great to have that many again. We would like to have a member take photos of the event as well.

If you want to take part in giving back to the community and bringing joy to the kids and their families please contact David Stewart (603) 632-7731 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you in advance for your help in making this event a successful one. - David L. Stewart, President EOC